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Athens Snaps - and Frozen Yoghurt with Greek Olive Oil

Apologies for another long absence here – and thank you so much for all your kind words and prayers on my last post, I’m very grateful for your support master of laws hong kong.

My trip to Japan was a very emotional one, but I’m glad I went back to see what is really happening through my own eyes. It’s already been a year since the earthquake – some things are back to normal, but in most affected parts there are still thousands of people who need both short and long term support.

I’m organising a Japan fundraiser at the moment which I’m hoping to launch in April through my blog. It will be a raffle full of wonderful foodie prizes, so stay tuned and I hope many people can help to raise money for those who still need help.

Meantime, I’ve been travelling a lot for my work, and there are so many stories that I’d love to share here – hopefully I’ll get back into the habit of posting more regularly this year Oil Free Magnetic Centrifugal Chiller

I went to Athens last autumn to shoot for a wonderful olive oil company called Esti – I had been working with them for a while and the lovely owner George asked me to come and shoot around the city as well as shooting for his wife Ada’s beautiful Fresh Hotel.

It was my first time to visit Greece and I only had a few days in Athens – sadly when I was there, many strikes were going on because of the economic crisis, so I had to shorten my already shot stay otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to fly back :( There certainly wasn’t enough time to fully explore, but I really enjoyed staying in the city full of rich history, lovely people, and of course beautiful food. I was particularly excited strolling through the central fish and meat market which is just around the corner from Fresh Hotel – it was vast and great fun to explore. Everyone at the hotel looked after me well, not to mention George, Ada and all the people from Esti.

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